Elite Performance Physiotherapy

Natascha Stagg

Natascha is a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist, having attained her MSc in Manual Therapy from Coventry university in 2012. Driven by the desire to help people, she takes pride in providing evidence based treatment backed up by the latest research. She has been the physiotherapist for Leander Club (the oldest non-academic and most successful rowing club in the world) since 2013, where she works with their squad of elite level rowers, and she continues to operate a private clinic in Reading.

Operating out of a private clinic facility in Reading, Natascha at Elite Performance Physiotherapy provides treatment for a wide range of day to day living and sports related injuries. Drawing on a wide range of knowledge, backed by science and passion, treatment is aimed at the individual to get them better and back to doing the stuff they enjoy as quickly as possible.

The clinic is open: all treatments will be conducted with me wearing appropriate PPE to hopefully safeguard yourselves and myself.

 Social distancing of 2m between your car or the entrance to the clinic is entirely possible and hand washing facilities and/or gel is available to all patients.

 I leave a gap between appointments to allow me to fully sanitise all surfaces that are in use. These arrangements may change without notice should government advice be altered.

Lockdown  - Feb 2021

 I can remain open for face to face appts, and video consultations can be provided if preferred/ more appropriate. This advice may change along with any further changes to the government’s and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s advice (ref https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/949536/NationalLockdownGuidance.pdf)